Associate’s Degree in Accounting (AAD)

The Associate’s degree in Accounting offers the student the opportunity to develop work-related skills with the fundamental knowledge to perform essential accounting responsibilities such as developing and tracking financial records and transactions. On other hand, the student will develop knowledge and skills to lead any accounting careers in public accounting, government, corporations and private organizations.

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The Associate’s Degree in Accounting prepares students with basic knowledge and skills needed to perform the tasks associated with the profession of accounting such as bookkeeping and financial statement analysis. This program provides learning experiences through the use of technology to ensure student success in modern companies.

Possible employment opportunities*:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk

Tuitions and Fees:

Undergraduate Estimated Credits
Cost per credit $320 64 $23,345

* These examples are intended to serve as a general guide. Many factors determine what position an individual may attain and National University College can’t guarantee a graduate will secure any specific job title. Some positions may require licensure and/or other certifications. We encourage you to research requirements for your job target and career goals.
Graduates of any of National University College’s Spanish-speaking programs may encounter employment limitations due to the fact that most businesses require fluency in the English Language

** Total estimated cost.

*** Costs vary per program.

****  Cost per credit for US residents.